AN UPDATE on plans to erect a ten-metre mobile phone mast in Cwm Farm Road, Abertillery will be discussed at Blaenau Gwent council’s planning committee meeting on January 8.

Blaenau Gwent council granted permission for the mast, which will be located 70 metres from Bryngwyn Primary School, on September 15.

But parents and residents raised objections to the plans over concerns about the possible health risks.

On granting the application the council’s planning committee said they were unable to refuse planning permission on grounds of health concerns due to government planning guidance.

Phone companies say there is no proven threat to health from phone masts.

But due to the number of objections received, the council has been in discussion with the applicant, Vodaphone, to consider siting the mast further away from the school, The result of the discussions will be given at the meeting this Thursday at 2pm at the Community Centre, Orchard Street, Brynmawr. The public are entitled to attend.