PONTYPOOL councillor Fred Wildgust is no longer part of Torfaen’s People’s Voice party after a dispute with other members of the group.

Cllr Wildgust was elected as the Independent councillor for Pontypool in May 2008 and joined the opposition group Torfaen People’s Coalition before he joined Torfaen People’s Voice in August last year.

On Sunday Cllr Wildgust announced that he had resigned from the group but chairman of Torfaen People’s Voice, Ian Williams insists that Cllr Wildgust was expelled from the party.

Mr Wildgust said it was the lack of support from members of People’s Voice which prompted his decision to leave the party.

He said: “I answer to the electorate and will continue to answer to them. Whilst I receive daily e-mails supporting my campaigning activities, I will continue with vim and vigour.

“I would like to wish the party every success and I will continue to offer support to elected members as a matter of course.”

Since Mr Wildgust was elected he has launched a campaign, backed by People’s Voice, calling for proportional representation to be introduced from the leadership down through all council committees.

Chairman of People’s Voice, Ian Williams, said: “Cllr Wildgust has been expelled from the party, however we will continue to represent the people of Torfaen in the same way and support the campaign for democracy.”