Chinese Food Made Easy, by Ching-He Huang(HarperCollins, £16.99).

IF, like me, you love Chinese food, but the closest you ever come to cooking it at home is some hastily chopped veg and a jar of supermarket sauce; then you will find this recipe book invaluable.

Whether fish, meat or poultry is your thing, there are a selection of genuinely easy-to-follow, authentic recipes to suit everyone's taste and pocket.

Most supermarkets stock an array of herbs and spices - fresh, dried, pastes - so there's no reason why any of the ingredients used in this book should not be readily available.

Colourfully illustrated throughout the unfussy recipes include Takeaway Favourites, Celebration and Street Food.

So, next time you fancy a take out, reach for this book instead. (N)Oodles healthier than anything rustled up in your local takeaway!