A HI-TECH nuclear laundry says it will open for business in the midst of the recession.

Up to 20 jobs are being created at clothing provider’s Unitech Services Group’s new branch in Crumlin.

The Penyfan Industrial Estate unit will wash clothes for the nuclear industry. The company also offers a clothing leasing service as well as disposable and dissolvable clothing also.

General manager John Cuthbert of multinational Unitech Services Group reassured the Argus of the safety of the plant, which is planned to open in February.

Technical positions at the company are already filled, but Mr Cuthbert says they are still recruiting up to 16 operational staff.

USG provides protective clothing to the nuclear industry, including power stations both operational and in the process of being decommissioned.

Mr Cuthbert says the facility will be equipped with a number of safety measures.

He says an air sampler will ensure there is no radioactive material floating in the air at the site, as well as an air filter.

Other systems will ensure their washing machines will clean the clothes "radioactively as well as hygienically".

In addition the radiation levels for garments transported to the site will be "very low," said the manager.

Clothes will be transported in and out of the facility in sealed containers.

Mr Cuthbert said they have been offered a grant from the Assembly for the plant, but have not yet claimed it.

Crumlin councillor Vera Jenkins said the new facility good news for Crumlin.

She said: "We’re delighted that this has come to us."