LLANARTH Fawr Community Council has objected to plans for a cattle market at High House Farm, Bryngwyn.

Monmouthshire County Council earmarked the site near Raglan for a cattle market to replace the one in Abergavenny.

At a meeting of over 35 residents and community councillors, Llanarth Fawr Community Council unanimously voted to oppose plans.

A letter outlining objections has now been sent Monmouthshire Council.

Community Council chairman Brian Spencer said: “Concerns include the fact that on market day, 240 HGVs and 4x4 vehicles will travel on the Abergavenny-Raglan road.”

Other concerns include the fact that no traffic calming measures have been proposed, noise pollution and possible contamination of streams.

“No business plan has been forwarded. The community council believes that to maximise the income from a market site, it would have to be used for other things as well,” said Mr Spencer.

“The council also wants to know why brownfield sites at Raglan Roundabout and Llanfoist were rejected.”

Representatives of the Bryngwyn Rural Community Action Group - set up to oppose plans - addressed the meeting. The group’s spokesman Stuart Willcock said: “We will vigorously oppose any moves for a cattle market in the area.”

The issue has caused controversy since plans to create a supermarket on the site of the current Abergavenny Cattle Market were unveiled in 2007.

People in Bryngwyn mounted a legal challenge against Monmouthshire County Council’s plans to build a replacement in their area.

They said proper consideration of objections about volumes of traffic and the development of a greenfield site were not taken.

This council did not contest the challenge.