A Steroid Hit the Earth, by Martin Toseland (Portico Books, £7.99).

I FIND it all too easy to make an error when writing a review, article or blog.

Sometimes, this can haunt you for weeks to come, particularly after it's delivered on the printed page.

For then the mistake is exposed to everyone's ridicule and there is no going back!

Of course the ultimate accolade is when they appear in collected works such as A Steroid Hit The Earth, which I must admit brought about a few chuckles and raised eyebrows when I read some examples out to our own subbing department.

From the holy typo in 1631, when Barker and Lucas 'Wicked Bible' exhorted adultery by omitting a crucial 'not' from the seventh commandment to the Sunday newspaper report that dinosaurs became extinct when "A Steroid Hit the Earth" this book delivers a concise and humorous history of the misprint.