Alfie's Feet, by Shirley Hughes (Red Fox, £5.99).

RED FOX continue their reissue of Shirley Hughes classic Alfie stories with this tale from 1982.

Alfie has new yellow boots that are perfect for walking through puddles and stamping in mud.

However, there's something not quite right about them as they are making Alfie's feet turn outwards.

Shirley Hughes has a great ability to tell stories through the eyes of a child, which is probably why the Alfie tales haven't dated and are still popular some quarter of a century after their original publication.

Another contributory factor is the book's realism through storytelling and illustration.

Alfie could easily be identified with your child, your grandchild or even a younger version of yourself.

If you missed Alfie the first time around and are looking for some tales with a more realistic edge for beginners, you really couldn't find a better place to start.