A NANTYGLO councillor resigned from the partnership group which runs the council after what she described as a serious conflict of interests.

Independent Shirley Ford has stepped down from the group and said the move came as she wanted to do what was best for people in her ward.

Cllr Ford said there was a serious “conflict of interests” between what she felt was right for the people of Nantyglo and decisions which have been made.

However, she would not be drawn on whether the recent decision by the council to close Nantyglo Comprehensive School was a decisive factor.

The latest ripples of unrest come following a number of high-profile party resignations in a council, once a Labour stronghold, which has seen plenty of conflict.

Cllr Ford added: “I have strong views on what I think is best for Nantyglo.

“I was elected by the people of Nantyglo to look after the people of Nantyglo and that’s what I’m doing.”

In April, two Labour councillors quit the party, citing similar reasons to that of Cllr Ford.

Former leader John Hopkins and David Lyn Elias left the party, with the parting shot that it wasn’t serving the interests of their constituents.

Cllr Ford has also stepped down as vice-chairwoman of the Social Care and Inclusion Scrutiny Committee.

“I’m looking forward to being an independent Independent, because that way I make my own decisions and I know what I’m doing is for the people of Nantyglo,” she said.

Fellow Nantyglo councillor and deputy leader of the council, John Mason, said: “She has a different view on different things from time to time, I think that may have weighed heavy on her mind and she decided to leave us,” he said.

A partnership group of People’s Voice and independent candidates took control of the council in May 2008 after taking 21 seats compared to Labour’s 17.