Following an apprenticeship at the age of 16 and by studying part-time in Gwent Colleges obtaining his HNC and HND in Computer Aided Engineering, Anthony has pursued a career as a Design Engineer.

Other than spending 6 years as a Factory Manager in Asia, he has lived and worked in Gwent all his life.

‘I am very concerned that our excellent engineering and manufacturing companies have been moved out to other areas of the world or sold to foreign owners. The decline of our engineering base in Britain must be reversed and employment and training for British people must be a priority’.

Support our troops - bring them home

The British National Party supports our soldiers. Bring them home from Afghanistan and stop Labour’s criminal waste of young lives in wars that serve no British interests.

Stop Immigration

We are being swamped and being made foreigners in our own country. The British National Party will regain sovereign control of our borders.

Raise the weekly pension to £130

The £18 billion Lab-Lib-Con give China and India to ‘adapt’ to non-existent Climate Change should go to our pensioners.