This Election is a unique opportunity to create a new form of politics - to replace the rotten one imposed by Thatcherism, and then deepened by Blair-Brownism.

There is nothing to choose between them. They both said ‘The Market Rules’. It has led to some of the highest child and pensioner poverty in Europe; low-paid, casualised, and short-term contract working, ten million people ‘economically inactive (real unemployment of 17%), and (according to 74% of the British people) the most corrupt Parliament in history.

With a ‘hung’ parliament the most likely result, a sizeable group of fiercely-independent MPs, like my self, will force politics to be done differently.

The people must, and will, come first in everything we do. I, and the other independents will make these two, rotten, parties to put the needs of the people of Britain first.

Away with sleaze, and spin, and the obscene wealth that New Labour and the Tories have allowed a tiny minority to amass.

Away with the greedy speculators, these two parties so love.

Away with the appalling bonuses of bank bosses. New Labour and the Tories (there’s not a difference between them) have grabbed power in order make themselves influentual and wealthy. When ‘Lord’ Mandelson, the architect of Thatcherism Mark II (New Labour), said he was ‘intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich’, he meant his people.

Neither, so-called , ‘main’ party gives a damn about you. They are in it for themselves. Just look at the valleys of south Wales - amongst the most deprived in Europe. Do New Labour give a damn. Not one damn! We have some of the highest rates of unemployment, depression, alcohol, drugs and other social problems heaped on us by ‘The Market’, imposed by Thatcher and so loved by New Labour.

It’s failure to regulate or control the greedy speculators of ‘The Market’ has taken us to the edge of economic ruin, millions losing their jobs, homes, and futures. A mountain of personal debt and the biggest national debt in history.

If voted back, as one of a group of fiercely-independent MPs, I and we, will force these two Tory parties to change their values and their ways. They will need our votes to get any policy through.

Those policies will always put the people first. It is time to sweep away the rottenness they have imposed on us all. Time to put the people first.