The Reading Room, by Ruth Hamilton (Pan Books, £5.99).

SET in the heart of Lancashire, The Reading Room tells the story of Lily Latimer, a talented interior designer who is escaping her terrifying husband Clive and the violence he inflicted on her.

Lily, formerly Leanne Chalmers, has moved to the village of Eagleton to create a new life for herself, her best friend Babs and Babs’ daughter Cassie, who have all relocated together from Taunton - but as yet we don’t know why.

As they settle into life in the village, we meet a variety of characters who become their friends and support network.

But when one of their new friends is mysteriously attacked, Lily fears her husband may have discovered where she is, and having left her for dead before is now out to kill her.

This is an interesting story which includes plenty of romance and humour running alongside a dramatic tale of courage, revenge and fear.