PARENTS should be able to ask written questions at school governors, a Caldicot councillor has said.

Cllr Tony Easson has called for school governors to be publicly accountable - with meetings held openly and publicised.

But council bosses say it is ultimately down to individual schools how they conduct their meetings.

Cllr Easson's comments came after he attended a governors meeting where he said he felt unwelcome.

The councillor, who sits on Monmouthshire council and the town council, said meetings should also be publicised to parents.

Rather than an open forum, Cllr Easson said parents should be able to put questions in writing on relevant matters and members of the press should be able to report on their proceedings.

He said he has raised the issue with lifelong learning director Andy Keep at Monmouthshire Council.

“We’re talking about open government,” he said. “Parents would be able to see the process working.

“I think they should be open to the public and the public should be encouraged to go."

Monmouthshire head of resource and performance management Deborah Mountfield, said governors in all the schools have the power to make their meetings public.

“In the main most meetings of governing bodies do allow the public to attend, unless they are discussing certain issues such as staff related matters,” she said.

She added the best way for parents to ask questions of their school governing bodies would be through parent governors.