A CHEPSTOW teenager is banned from car parks, school grounds and gardens from the whole of England and Wales.

Kevin Lichottka harassed residents of Chepstow, running across gardens, climbing roofs and throwing stones.

He was given an anti-social behaviour order at Abergavenny Magistrates Court yesterday.

The order stops the 16-year-old, of St David’s Close, Bulwark, from causing alarm, distress or harassment to any person not of his own home.

Residents are urged to contact the police if he is seen committing any of the acts he is banned from.

Lichottka is banned from threatening, insulting or abusing others, and entering or trying to enter any privately owned property including industrial yards, car parks, schools grounds and private homes including gardens in less invited.

He cannot climb onto the roof of any building and cannot associate, contact or attempt to contact four youths named in the order.

The order, which runs until August 31 2011, states that Lichottka threw stones and verbally abused members of the public.

Applying for the ASBO on behalf of Monmouthshire Council, Ioan Gealy, said he also ran through people’s gardens and climbed the roofs of local buildings.

He said Gwent Police’s believed the order was necessary to protect the people of Chepstow.

Lichottka had previously agreed and signed an acceptable behaviour contract with the Monmouthshire Community Safety Partnership.

“Unfortunately he paid little attention to that contract,” said Mr Gealy.

He told the court Lichottka was already subject to an electronic tag until November 4 after being convicted of burglary on August 4.

Malcolm Perry, responding, said his client accepted the order although they did not agree with every line of the allegations.

Chairman of the magistrates Desmond Petras warned a breach of the order could result in a term of imprisonment or a fine.

David Moses, anti-social behaviour co-ordinator for Monmouthshire said after the case: “All of our actions, including the use of ASBOs, not only reduce crime and anti-social behaviour but also increase community confidence.”