Tony Atkin, Newport Wasps' skipper, is back in the team's top five and celebrates the rise from reserve berth at his former track at Stoke in the Premier League tonight.

He will be hoping to return in triumphant mood when the Wasps figure in a double header at the Hayley Stadium tomorrow, entertaining high-flying Workington in the Premier League (tapes-up 2.30pm) followed by a Mavericks clash with Boston.

Atkin, who began the season with a 5.30 average, will be riding at number three tonight following impressive form at number six which has seen him hit double figures on a regular basis.

The 39-year-old said: "I quite enjoyed being at reserve to be honest. Obviously the aim was to get back where I was a couple of years ago. It is a new challenge but you have got to go for it."

Atkin dropped down to reserve following a crash which saw him miss so much of last season with a broken arm. Even when he got back on his bike it took a while to get into the groove but he's been exciting the fans with his riding, and particularly when partnering Neil Collins.

He added: "It's a shame I won't be getting the extra rides any more but I am just glad to be going OK. Riding at Stoke now doesn't feel like going back home any more because I've been at Newport quite a while now.

"The last time I rode at Stoke was guesting for Workington this season when I scored 13 points. I'm not one for predicting things but a similar score would be nice.

"But the most important thing is winning and certainly a home success over Workington tomorrow is important. We don't want to be losing any more home meetings."

Wasps have a wonderful incentive against Workington having won at Derwent Park in their opening league meeting of the season. A double coupled with the bonus point would be a great fillip for everyone.

Stoke use Glenn Cunning-ham in place of the injured Jan Staechmann, the Dane likely to be out of action for the rest of the season with a collar bone and shoulder injury, but he's not wasting his time having taken on the job of Danish team manger.

Newcastle's James Grieves steps in to guest for the Wasps at Loomer Road while Stuart Robson from Rye House faces brother Scott in the clash with Workington tomorrow. And the Comets parade two familiar faces at reserve in the shape of Jamie Westacott and Pavel Ondrasik.

Stoke: Peter Carr (rider replacement), Robbie Kessler, Paul Clews, Alan Mogridge (captain), Glenn Cunningham, Barrie Evans, Jack Hargreaves. Newport (v Stoke): Mads Korneliussen, Michael Coles (rider replacement), Tony Atkin, Neil Collins, James Grieves, Lee Dicken, Karlis Ezergailis.

Newport (v Workington): Korneliussen, Coles (r/r), Atkin, Collins, Stuart Robson, Dicken, Ezergailis. Workington: Kauko Nieminen (r/r), Shaun Tacey, James Wright, Scott Robson, Carl Stonehewer, Jamie Westacott, Pavel Ondrasik.

Mavericks: Karlis Ezergailis, Scott (Pegler (r/r), Jamie Westacott, Danny Warwick, Karl Mason, Billy Legg, Sam Hurst. Boston: Simon Walker, Michael Pickering, Simon Lambert, Rob Hollingworth, Trevor Harding, Adam Lowe, Karl White.