NISSAN showed its performance side at the 2005 Goodwood Festival of Speed last week with cars you can buy and some you can't. Leading the charge will be a 350Z specially developed by Nissan Motorsport International. The company also played an important role in assisting RML motorsport to build a unique 350Z engined Micra to be displayed on Nissan's stand. Parked alongside it will be the rather more available Micra 160SR as well as the 350Z Roadster, a Murano and the new Navara, the most powerful pick-up officially imported into the UK.

Nissan Motorsport International - NISMO - specially developed a version of the 350Z to celebrate their win in the Japanese 2004 GT500 Touring Car Championship. It's called the NISMO 350Z S-tune GT and is a road-going version of the race car. Twenty are hand built every month in Japan and the car driving at Goodwood, specially imported by Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd, is believed to be the only one in the UK. The S-tune has extended front and rear bumpers, side-sills and a rear wing modelled on the GT car. As if that wasn't enough, NISMO five-spoke 19-inch wheels, racing stripes and pearlescent white paint.

Under the bonnet, NISMO has extensively modified Nissan's VO35 engine to give 300PS and a maximum rev limit of 7200rpm. The interior hasn't been neglected either. Lightweight, Alcantara upholstered racing seats will keep the drivers securely planted.