SUPER celebrity spotter Bruce Robertston has cheekily snatched his latest star signing after getting him to pull over on a busy road.

Mr Robertson, 46, of Caldicot, triumphed after the British Lions warm-up match against Argentina by getting most of the squad to add their names to a Lions shirt.

But he was missing the captain, Newport Gwent Dragons and Wales player Michael Owen, until he spotted him and made his move.

"After the Argentina match I had a shirt signed by nearly all the players and the substitutes and had photos with nearly all of them - but I didn't have the captain's," said Mr Robertson.

"I had my son with me and a friend and they were quite disappointed we had not met Michael Owen."

Then he saw the player driving out of the hotel car park. "We jumped in the car and I said 'I will flash my lights and you can hold the shirt up and we can see if he stops.'

"I was only joking really but then we got to a junction about half a mile later and he stopped and wound down his window.

"By the time I got out of the car he was already signing the shirt I bought for my son Shane, who is ten, and because he was so nice about signing all our shirts I said I wouldn't bother him for a photo."

Two years ago Mr Robertson wrote a book, How to Meet the Famous, in a book based on hundreds of encounters with stars.

Kylie Minogue, Prince Charles, and Sir Anthony Hopkins, are among those who have posed for a photo with him or given an autograph.

He first started after spotting Irish actor Peter O'Toole in a shop in Usk. He dashed home for his camera and his unusual hobby was born.

His collection of autographs and memorabilia is probably worth thousands. "I would make a killing on eBay but I wouldn't dream of selling any of them."