Tim Stone, Newport Wasps' straight-talking promoter, doesn't believe the novelty of midweek speedway will provide him with a crowd boost.

Wasps entertain the Isle of Wight tomorrow night (tapes-up 7pm) in the return leg of the Premier Trophy, the first meeting taking place tonight on the island.

But Stone doesn't believe that teams without a real identity - such as the Isle of Wight and Somerset - have the pulling power of say, the likes of Sheffield or Glasgow.

Stone explained: "It is all down to the identity because you need a name which means something. If you have a team called Dyfed or Ayrshire people don't know where they are from but everyone knows Sheffield, Glasgow, Reading and so on. Teams riding under the name of Somerset and the Isle of Wight are too non-descript.

"We are running in midweek simply to fit in the fixture and make sure we get our Premier Trophy programme completed before the cut-off date at the end of June. There is only a limited time where we can run in midweek because of the light."

However, Stone may be pleasantly surprised with the attendance. Given decent weather, perhaps the novelty of a midweek meeting may just attract a few more to the Hayley Stadium.

l Stone has lined up three Elite League riders for the Welsh Open at Hayley Stadium on June 12 - Oxford's Henrik Gustafsson, Henning Bager of Peterborough and Ronnie Correy from Wolverhampton.

Stone said: "The Welsh Open has a real international flavour about it and once again it is set to be one of the big meetings of the season and it will be a fine way to round off the Grand Prix weekend."

Challenge: Rye House 48 (Brent Werner 10) Belle Vue Select 47 (Joe Screen 13).

Skybet Elite League: Coventry 54 (Chris Harris 14+1) Swindon 40 (Lee Richardson 13) - Coventry win the bonus point, Peterborough 40 (Ales Dryml 11+1) Ipswich 55 (Hans Andersen 14), Wolverhampton 63 (Mikael Max 15) Arena Essex 31 (Adam Shields 11+1).

Premier League: Reading 51 (Matej Zagar 14) King's Lynn 41 (Tomas Topinka 15+1), Workington 57 (Carl Stonehewer 15+2) Glasgow 39 (George Stancl 13), Exeter 54 (Mark Lemon 12+1) Somerset 40 (Magnus Zetterstrom 14)

Premier Trophy: Newcastle 58 (Josef Franc 14) Berwick 35 (Adrian Rymel 8)

Conference League: Weymouth 45 (Lewis Bridger 12+1) Oxford 44 (Craig Branney 13+1), Rye House 52 (Steve Boxall 12+2) Wimbledon 43 (Danny Betson 15)

Conference League Knockout Cup: Scunthorpe 40 (Ritchie Dennis 14+1) Boston 49 (Simon Lambert 14+1) - Boston win on aggregate 102-81.