PAT Gilby wanted to be a florist so badly that she went to college to gain a qualification in the art.

But the arts of business she has learned from Keith Jones, the same Prime Cymru mentor who is helping Roy and Sue Williams get started.

Sixty-year-old Pat, from Cwmbran, has realised her ambition and is running Buttercups and Daisies, in Maindee, Newport.

"I am trying to do something different," said Pat, who had worked in florist's shops before taking the plunge as her own boss.

"My designs are a bit whacky but I'm changing the traditional ways of doing things and creating something more modern. I don't want to create the kind of things you can get in supermarkets.

"There's not a day when people don't come in or phone to thank me for the flowers I've done for them. I do care about my work. I put my heart and soul into it. If anything goes wrong it will be on my shoulders.

"I can't believe I've finally taken the plunge but I am determined to become established."

Doing the business

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