MOTORISTS are reaching speeds of up to 99mph as they approach the toll booths on the Second Severn Crossing despite the introduction of speed cameras, police have revealed.

The Mid & South Wales Safety Camera Partnership caught 50 motorists travelling between 75 and 99mph in a two-hour period this week, despite poor weather.

The new 50mph speed limit was introduced at the beginning of August after 13 crashes in the past three years and top speeds in excess of 120 mph recorded on the approach.

John Rowling, manager of the Safety Camera Partnership, said: "The driving behaviour we've seen during the first week of enforcement is nothing short of appalling.

"Despite plenty of signing to give advance warning of the new speed limit, motorists are still driving at up to double the legal speed limit."

Superintendent Nigel Russell, head of roads policing at Gwent Police, added: "During this week's enforcement, mobile camera operators witnessed motorists approaching the toll booth at high speeds while either on the mobile phone or reaching in their pockets for change.

"Coupled with the bad weather conditions, this kind of driving puts innocent road users at risk."