A MOTORIST has been convicted of speeding - even though he told magistrates he should be cleared because Christine and Neil Hamilton had been.

Ronald Boycott, 54, of The Highway, Croesyceiliog, told Cwmbran magistrates court that his wife or one of his four daughters was driving the car - and nobody was sure who.

Ex-Tory MP Neil Hamilton and his wife, Christine, claimed they could not remember which of them was driving when they were prosecuted for speeding in November last year, and the charge was dismissed - creating what was dubbed the Hamilton Loophole.

But despite using the same defence yesterday, Boycott was convicted of failing to give evidence as the registered owner of a vehicle.

And after his conviction, he said: "It shows there's one rule for the idle rich and another for the working classes - and it stinks."

The speeding offence was committed on October 12 last year on Greenforge Way in Cwmbran. Boycott's car was photographed travelling at 43mph in a 30mph zone.

Prosecutor Wendy Brady told Cwmbran magistrates court: "It is for the owner of the car to provide evidence of who was driving and you failed to do so.

"You have read about the case of the Hamiltons, saw they'd got away with speeding, and thought you'd try it."

Boycott, who represented himself, told the court that his wife and four adult daughters use the car.

He said: "I've got no control over the car, except as the registered keeper. "I asked them all if they had any idea which of them was driving and the answer was not forthcoming."

As the Hamilton Loophole decision was not made in a higher court Boycott was told it had no bearing on his case, and he was fined £100, plus £75 costs, and given three penalty points.