EMMA Lang has been attacked seven times in just over a year. Her nose has been broken five times, and she had to have a brain scan after the latest attack in Newport earlier this month.

And yet the 18-year-old student (pictured) is making a stand against her attackers by starting up her own campaign, Full Stop 2 Bullying.

As part of the Argus' call to Unite Against Bullies, we spoke to Miss Lang about her experiences of bullying that stretch back to her infant-school days.

Miss Lang said: "The latest attack was earlier this month when I was visiting a friend in the Barrack Hill area. I was unconscious for around ten minutes and I never saw the attacker."

Miss Lang, who lives in Caerphilly, believes her attackers are from the same area.

"I have been the victim of school bullying," she said. "I spoke to my parents, who went to the school, but it was hard for the teachers to know what to do.

"The simple answer is to train up those who work in the schools so they know what to do."

She said from her own experience verbal bullying could often be worse than physical attacks.

Miss Lang said that from speaking to other bullies she had found they often did not realise they were bullying, and would think their "teasing" was harmless.

She warned against a "more sinister" form of bullying that has arrived in recent times - text message and e-mail threats.

Full Stop 2 Bulling has a website with a chatroom and counselling service for bullying victims.

Miss Lang, an ambassador for ChildLine Cymru, said the main aim of her campaign was to stop bullying rather than just help the victims.

She said this was done by educating teachers to look out for the signs of bullying, raising awareness with parents, and teaching pupils about peer support.

Inspector Sian Flynn, from Caerphilly police, said: "It's monstrous what these people are doing. Those responsible have been very lucky so far. I am confident their luck will run out and they will be caught."

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