One of the best Celtic bands in Wales, Allan Yn Y Fan, is currently touring their debut album up and down Britain.

Off The Map was released on the Steam Pie Label on Monday, June 2, and is available through the band's website,

Their tour takes them to Ireland from Thursday, September 18 to Monday, September 22, following a return to Wales for a night at the Abertridwr Arts Festival on Saturday, October 11, and Merthyr Tydfil on Monday, October 27.

The album includes compositions by band members Chris Jones, Kate Strudwick and Geoff Cripps.

There are also arrangements of their favourite Welsh and Irish traditional tunes.

It was recorded between January and April this year at the Abergavenny studio of well respected guitarist Dylan Fowler.

The rich sound is created by the band of five all of whom are multi-instrumentalists.

Chris Jones plays accordion, flute, whistles and piano; Kate Strudwick is on flute, recorders and whistles; Linda Simmonds plays mandolin, octave mandola and bodhran; Emma Trend is on fiddle and whistle, and Geoff Cripps plays guitar, bass, keyboards, bouzouki and octave mandola.

They are clearly comfortable in each other's musical company as the tracks of Off The Map sing with an appreciation of the ages.

Many of the songs are comprised of two or three songs fugued together forming a journey in music around Wales and Ireland.

Track four, The Roscrea Triangle/Air Miles On The Irish Ferry is typical.

It's stirring stuff and anyone who has five minutes for folk music and South Wales should order a copy now.

The band draws a map on the album both musically and pictorially. The album back cover shows routes from Newport and the M4 up through the Valleys to Aberbeeg and beyond.

The sense of place is overwhelming and it feels like even the dead of the towns where they tour should come out and see Allan Yn Y fan when they pass by.

* See Allan Yn Y Fan at the Abertridwr Arts Festival on Saturday, October 11, and Merthyr Tydfil on Monday, October 27. For more information surf to or ring the band on 01495 222173.