A BLACKWOOD woman in "fear of her life" from speeding cars outside her home has called on Caerphilly council to introduce bollards and traffic-calming measures.

In recent years, Sandra Williams, 59, who lives in a house in Lewis Lewis Avenue on a downward bend where it meets Tree Top Avenue, has had a few close shaves.

A JCB ploughed through her wall, and just a few months ago, she believes it was only a palm tree planted in her garden that prevented a car from crashing through her house.

The motorist, who crashed through her wall early one May morning, escaped unharmed.

But she is worried that unless the council acts quickly, next time there is a crash someone could die.

She said: "I think the next one could be a fatality and I'm frightened to death living here."

Mrs Williams says some motorists drive too fast, and is calling on the council to place bollards on a section of road at a green verge outside her home, and for traffic-calming measures to be put in place.

She has organised a 30-signature petition of Lewis Lewis Avenue residents, which she has sent to the council.

Councillor Kevin Etheridge has joined her crusade. He said: "I have every sympathy for my residents and will be lobbying the Highways Department to ensure safety measures are put in place. Mr and Mrs Williams are living in fear of a further accident."

A spokesman for Caerphilly council said: "The council can confirm it has received a petition from Lewis Lewis Avenue and is presently considering its content."

He said traffic-calming measures were "of concern to the public and a large number of requests are received on a regular basis.

"The council attaches a high priority to road safety and funds are allocated to prevent accidents on the highway and introducing remedial measures to those streets with a history of accidents.

"The budgets are limited in order to spend this money effectively. "Those streets having the worst problems are tackled first."