CHRISTIAN Malcolm's coach Jock Anderson has admitted he breathed a huge sigh of relief after his young star made the Great Britain team for next month's World Championships.

Anderson had been working tirelessly over the past two months to get the 200 metre star in tip-top shape for last weekend's trials.

And Malcolm rewarded the Scotsman with a decent performance that has guaranteed him a place in the GB team for next month's championships in Paris.

"I know what Christian is capable of doing," said Malcolm.

"But what you can do and what you do are two different things entirely.

"His build-up last week wasn't ideal and, after the past two months, we were just desperate to make the team.

"But with only three places available for six real contenders, it can be a lottery. But Christian held his nerve and ran well and it was a relief to see him come second.

"He wasn't bothered about winning it. It would obviously had been nice to come first, but Christian knew that he would be tired as a result of the 100m on the Saturday.

"But he lost by a small margin and when we sit down and look at the race again, we will know that there is plenty of room for improvement."

Anderson admitted the normally laid-back Malcolm was on edge before Sunday's final, won by Julian Golding.

"He was nervous and that is unlike Christian but I don't necessarily think that it was a bad thing.

"It gave him an edge and he ran well but there's always room for improvement. His start was poor and the bend wasn't the greatest so we'll work on that.

"He's running at Crystal Palace next week and that's just what he needs before Paris.

"He's also lacking a bit of speed and strength needed for a long championship campaign.

"At least he won't have the 100m distracting him. We took a chance on it in Birmingham and, although he didn't make the team, it did help to get him right for the 200.

"He won't have that distraction in Paris and you never know what could happen. It's an open field and Christian has as much chance as any to pick up a medal."