ABERTILLERY town centre "is like a scene from 2 Fast 2 Furious" - a Hollywood film about illegal street racing - according to a resident.

Many townspeople are angry the Blaenau Gwent council-owned multi-storey car park in Division Street is being used as a base for boy racers. They are calling on the council to take action and place a barrier there to prevent the car park being used by the boy racers at night - sometimes until 2am.

And the matter has caused a row between the police and council in how to tackle the problem.

Cynthia Owens, from Co-operative Terrace, which is right next to the car park, said: "They are racing up and down the streets, slamming their brakes on.

"They've got their stereos on full blast and the car park acts as a big amplifier.

"At the top of Division Street they've been racing at phenomenal speeds. The police, in fairness, are responding to the problem but by the time they get here the kids are gone, as if they can sense they are coming."

Resident Cheryl Morris said: "It's like a scene out of 2 Fast 2 Furious there and there's not a lot more the police can do."

Residents are organising a petition and are calling on the council to close the car park at night by placing a barrier to stop cars entering.

Robin Morrison, Blaenau Gwent's chief executive, said: "We have been successful in securing grants to install CCTV cameras which can provide the police information and evidence upon which to secure convictions. "The car park itself is subject to a Control Use Order introduced at the request of the police.

"This is a stringent by-law that provides the police additional powers to act where anti-social behaviour is occurring, especially that of playing loud music.

"The by-law states that car parks must not be used for any other purpose than the parking of cars.

"A barrier on the car park during evening hours is too costly and would deter legitimate use of the car park as well as disadvantage businesses that open in the evening.

"We are extremely disappointed with the response of the police as it is their responsibility to react to the ongoing problems being experienced here."

Chief Superintendent Ian Johnston said: "The residents affected by this anti-social behaviour clearly would like a barrier as they see such a barrier as the answer to their problems.

"We will continue to work together with the local authority, with whom we have a good relationship, to solve the problems affecting the residents."

* Pictured: Abertillery residents concerned about boy racers