CHILDREN are usually told not to tell tales - but Saturday's storytelling workshop at Caldicot Castle was a masterclass in the ancient art.

The workshop was run by Full House Theatre Company, who present their own show Secrets of Sherwood in the castle next Sunday.

Artistic director Ben Miles, pictured in character as Little John, said: "It was open to all families and it was done in the theatre company's style, the retelling of old legends.

"I was in role, playing a guy called Alfred Turnip and telling them about my life in the twelfth century. The children told their own stories and acted them out using different styles. They loved it, they had a really good time.

"In the show we'll be telling stories within stories so it was a good preview for them of what we'll be doing at the weekend."

Secrets of Sherwood also visits Raglan Castle, Skenfrith Castle and Caerleon Amphitheatre. For more information call 01234 219333.