WOMEN in Gwent have felt the need for speed this weekend.

More than 100 women have gone full throttle at the Army Training Base, in Caerwent, at the Ladies Driving Challenge.

The event was held all-day Saturday and Sunday to raise awareness and funds for the organisation BUSK - Belt Up School Kids.

The charity helps to cut the number of children being injured and killed on the road while travelling to and from school and on school trips.

Forty tonne trucks, fire engines, fuel tankers and cranes were on hand for more than 100 women to test drive during the two-day experience.

Organiser Pat Harris told the Argus the challenge was in its third year and proved to be a real hit with women.

She said: "They really seem to love the 40 tonne articulated lorries.

"It gives them a real sense of achievement."

For safety reasons an instructor sat alongside the women during the two-mile thrilling adventure.

The entrant who raised the most money will spend a day with a friend at the Jonathan Palmer Motorsport Sensation.

The British Heart Foundation and Tenovus also benefited from the event.

* In the picture: Susan Zaslona gets some advice from BT driver Brian Hughes.