NEWPORT East AM John Griffiths was scaling Mount Snowdon today to launch the Assembly's 20-year plan to make the Welsh fitter.

Only 28% of adults in Wales take regular exercise leading to ill health and early deaths. It is estimated it costs the Welsh NHS £100 million a year treating people suffering ill health due to a lack of exercise.

Sports minister Alan Pugh today launched the 20-year plan to bring Wales into line with countries like Finland where 70% of the population regularly exercise.

Mr Griffiths, who is also deputy health minister, said: "Wales is not an active nation. Yet we have an environment and climate superbly suited to walking and cycling.

"Taking the dog for a brisk walk, cycling with the children or jumping in the local pool are fun activities most people can take part in."

The strategy aims to achieve 19 key points by 2023, including getting all primary school children and 90% of secondary pupils to exercise for 60 minutes five times a week.

But Monmouthshire's Conservative AM David Davies has said the strategy may backfire.

"This is just more target setting, it will mean PE teachers already burdened with paperwork will have to spend even more time filling in forms rather than teaching children," said Mr Davies.