GLANMOR Griffiths' Welsh rugby swansong today could be overshadowed by yet another extraordinary meeting.

Ironically, this one could have considerable financial implications for the Welsh Rugby Union, the area Griffiths has been responsible for during his 18 years on the WRU.

All but three of them have been as treasurer and/or chairman, but he has finally called it a day following pressure on him to step down after so long in the post.

He is not, in fact, bowing to that, but simply following a desire to spend more time with his family. In order to do that he has to follow them rather a long way - to Australia where his son, wife and children are emigrating this autumn.

So Griffiths will address the WRU for one last time today in what is sure to be an emotional occasion.

Apart from the obvious sadness, he will be speaking to the clubs, the very people who kept him in power for so long.

And that was because, by and large, he gave them what they wanted. By continually looking after them on the financial front, he was rewarded with regular re-election to his post or posts.

Finance, though, is at the root of the problem today post-Griffiths. For clubs in West Wales have got together to force an extraordinary meeting which will follow the annual meeting.

The reason is they are furious with the decision of WRU chief David Moffett to cut the funding of clubs from Division Two down to £6,000 a year from the £8,000 he originally told they they would have.

As they form the majority of clubs in the WRU, they could well get their way which will leave Moffett having to find around £400,000 when he is intent on cost cutting.

And that is because the clubs will be told today that the WRU suffered a loss of over £3m last year.

But for all that, the day will really belong to Glanmor Griffiths. Despite a controversial reign and the way he alienated some of the top clubs, he was the champion of the vast majority of clubs.

And, above all, he will be remembered as the man who delivered the world renowned Millennium Stadium.

Picture: Chairman Glanmor Griffiths delivers his final address to the WRU's AGM today