"WE'RE ALL going on a summer holiday, no more working for a week or two..." but if you've not had the foresight to book the time off, there's always the option of Summer Holiday, the musical of the classic Cliff Richard film, at Bristol Hippodrome all this week.

Everybody knows the title song - well, the chorus and the first verse, at least - and there are plenty of other favourites in there, including Bachelor Boy, Living Doll, The Young Ones, On The Beach and more.

It stars ex-Hear'Say member Suzanne Shaw (pictured) as Bobby, a young female pop star who disguises herself as a boy and jumps on a bus full of friends driving around Europe.

She's pursued by her mother, played by Sixties starlet Aimi MacDonald, and agent Christopher Biggins in a frantic chase across France, Switzerland, Italy and Greece.

And in the midst of all this Bobby inevitably falls in love with her new companion Don, played by Hollyoaks' hunk Stefan Booth.

If you want to take an early journey to the place where the sun shines brightly and there's no more working for a week or two - and don't we all? - Summer Holiday comes to Bristol Hippodrome from Monday to Thursday.

Tickets cost between £10 and £28 and the show begins at 7.30pm each evening . Box office 0870 607 7500 .