IT'S the newest "art" installation in Gwent, but it wasn't created by Tracey Emin or Damien Hurst.

The creators of this sculpture of road and place name signs are, for the time being, anonymous, although youths are thought to be behind it. Their work has prompted laughter, anger and downright confusion on the Underwood estate in Newport.

Sixteen signs were taken from other nearby locations and bolted on to two adjacent posts on Birch Road.

Even the Police sign from the Underwood station has been placed on the nearby Oasis community hall.

A one-way system sign has been pointed the wrong way and drivers looking for the Underwood leisure centre have been directed to The Cedars cul-de-sac instead.

Underwood resident Margaret Harris, who is in her 60s and works at the hairdresser Cuts Both Ways on the estate, was shocked but amused. She said: "They must have very busy over the weekend as they have put them on properly with bolts.

"The council is going to have to discover where to put them back up again, like a jigsaw."

Geoff Jones, 70, from Underwood, said: "It's a bit of a laugh really but I would have thought the kids would have something better to do." One resident, who did not wish to be named, said she saw more than a dozen teenagers putting up the signs in the early hours of Saturday and Sunday.

She said: "It's dangerous putting all those signs together and drivers have been coming in to The Cedars looking for the leisure centre. They were all having to back out again on Sunday."

Another resident described the monument of signs as a work of art and blamed a lack of a local bobby for its construction.

City councillor Carole Atwell, who covers Llanwern, said: "We have been battling for a local constable at Underwood and this may not have happened if we had one."

Inspector Simon Jefferies, of Alway police station, said: "It appears to be a prank by local youths on the estate.

"We have noticed an increase in antisocial behaviour in the area and we are planning to do patrols there in the future."A city council spokesman said the signs would be put back in the coming days.