SHE Bangs The Drum was the title of a memorable track by The Stone Roses and an appropriate introduction to Chepstow music entrepreneur Carol Mutlow (pictured).

After 12 years of trading as Hannah's Music from No 6 Moor Street, Ms Mutlow has taken on the unit next door, doubled her square footage, and opened a drum and CD department.

Family friend Tom Kirton has been recruited to run the "rhythm section" because No 6 and No 5 Moor Street are still separate.

"These are listed buildings," said Ms Mutlow, "and it might be tricky to get permission to knock a doorway between the two shops - but eventually that is what I'd like to do."

The expansion of the business was prompted by a number of reasons. "Drums are bulky and we had just run out of room to display them.

"But there are a lot of drummers in the area which makes this a good line of business to be in.

"And, since Dominion Records closed down, young people have nowhere to go to buy non-chart CDs like Punk, Reggae, and the heavy stuff."

In her 12 years in business Ms Mutlow has built up an amazing musicians network.

Behind the shop she has a rehearsal room for up-and-coming bands which is also used for music lessons.

"We've got around 250 pupils a week coming here for lessons in either guitar, drums, saxophone, flute, clarinet or keyboards."

While most of these fall into the category of aspiring rock and pop stars, there are also a number of adults pursuing unfulfilled dreams.

Ms Mutlow has organised a network of nine freelance teachers to give lessons. One of them, guitar teacher Pete Goodhall spent two years in the late 1970s with the band The Troggs.

"He's currently trying to re-release Something In the Air by Thunderclap Newman, I believe he owns the rights to it."

Ms Mutlow's commitment to the local music scene goes way beyond her shop. She puts on an annual music festival called Rock In The Dell and arranges gigs, battle-of-the-band competitions and showcases for Chepstow's up-and-coming performers.

This year's Rock In The Dell takes place on July 13 in the grounds of Chepstow Castle. Starting at noon and finishing at 9.30pm it features a line-up of both original and tribute bands, including the StereoIronics.