I AM not prepared to be a director of a limited company which could lose money, says Newport chairman David Watkins.

The former captain of the British rugby union and league teams is concerned about possible personal liabilities and is considering refusing an offer to be on the board of the proposed Gwent Dragons.

"I've got to look at my position. There is no way I am going to jeopardise my house and be a director of a Gwent company that is going to lose money," said Watkins.

"When you are a director of a limited company you are responsible for the debts.

"I've had no consultation, I'd want to know who my employees are and I don't. Is it money well spent?

"I was asked to be chairman of the new company, but I don't want to be responsible for company debts.

"I've got grave doubts about the constitution of the board and what level of commitment they want. I'd want to know all the details and who's going to pick up the losses.

"I don't always want to be the guy upsetting the applecart, but I thought Newport was the club the others look to being the city, but now it's all in total disarray."

Watkins blames WRU chief David Moffett for some of the problems besetting the game.

"I understand his frustration, but he was the one who said there would be four teams, but then there were five; he said there would be so much money available, but then there wasn't, so it hasn't worked out for him," said Watkins.

"Valley clubs used to be delighted to send their best players down to Newport, but now the club has become like the devil.

"It is a club of some renown, we have our own ground with wonderful facilities whereas others are still council property with no major improvements made.

"Is it fair on the fans of Newport to lose top class rugby? I think it's a sad day."