A POTENTIAL bone marrow donor may have been found for Gwent baby Jack Witchard. The Argus revealed in October that eight-month-old Jack urgently needed a bone marrow transplant to fully recover from a rare immune deficiency.

And today his mother revealed a specialist consultant at Llandough Hospital, near Cardiff, had found a potential match for the tot.

And that would make Christmas magical for his parents Paul and Paula, of Acorn Close, Rogerstone.

Little Jack, pictured with his mum, was diagnosed with Langerhans Cell Hitiocytosis (LCH), and his mum was told that he would need a bone marrow transplant in order to increase his chance of survival.

Children with the disease can live from a few months to a few years. Now Jack's family are anxiously waiting to find out if the donor is a 100 per cent match. The couple, formerly of Abertillery, moved to Rogerstone 11 years ago.

Mrs Witchard said they were fortunate that the potential donor had been found for Jack after a worldwide search.

She said that she had been overwhelmed by the support she had received after people learnt of Jack's need and the number of people locally who had come forward to give blood.

She said: "People have been marvellous and I am so grateful to them all for everything." Paula said that she could now start to look forward to Christmas and their first with Jack. She also said that Jack is much better and is doing well.

"At the moment things are looking good and we just hope that Jack keeps improving, but we will have the best Christmas.

"I would still urge everyone to come forward and give blood particularly at this time of year."

Trudi Evans, recruitment manager for the Welsh Blood Service, said: "It is important that people continue to come forward especially at Christmas." She said that the demand for blood over Christmas almost doubles so people need to continue to donate. She added: "Jack has received a special Christmas gift but there are still lots of people who need blood and need their own special gift."

Anyone requiring information on giving blood can contact the Welsh Blood Service on 0800 252266.