A VILLAGE pub on the outskirts of Chepstow is being renamed, despite angry objections from its regulars.

The Piercefield pub in St Arvans closed last Friday and will be re-opened as The Nutmeg following refurbishment.

A 300-name petition will now be submitted to the Brentford-based company in a bid to persuade it not to go ahead with the name change.

The pub, which is on the main route to the Wye Valley, has been taken over by Noble House pub company who want to revamp it as a pub restaurant.

But residents say the name change is insensitive to the history of the village. The pub is next to Piercefield Mansion and workers cottages, and near Chepstow Racecourse, created on the grounds of Piercefield Park.

Noble House pub company chose the name Nutmeg because it evokes images of home cooking, Christmas and family times.

Laurie Morgan, marketing director, said: "The pubs that we buy are much unloved and a little run down. We hope to bring a fabulous pub to the area. Changing the name is a way of showing people we are offering something new.

"The Piercefield is only making about £3,000 a week so trading is very low and, although locals love it, they do not frequent the pub enough.

"We are prepared to spend a lot of money on making something different with free house beer and excellent food prepared by a five-star chef." Gill Dowler said: "I live in one of the old workers cottages for Piercefield Mansion and, as far as I am aware, this pub has been called the Piercefield for over 200 years."

Stuart Vigus said: "This pub is part of the history of the estate, why are they calling it The Nutmeg?

"I have been a regular here for 30 years but now I may have to go somewhere else. It's the only pub in the village."

PICTURED: Stuart Vigus with some of his fellow protesters.