POLICE hunting for missing schoolgirl Jenna Baldwin say they have fresh hope she is alive.

Officers believe a personal text message received by Jenna's mother Desiree was sent by the 15-year-old.

Now police want Jenna to send them a personal object as a sign that she is okay. Jenna has been missing from her Aberyschan home since September 10 She has not been seen since then, and there has been no direct contact with her family or friends.

Last week her family said they no longer believed text messages and whispered phone calls being received were from Jenna.

But the Argus can reveal another text message received by the family on Tuesday has given them new hope that Jenna is alive.

Police have not disclosed the content of the message but said Mrs Baldwin was convinced it was from her eldest daughter.

Now Chief Inspector John Oliver, who is leading the investigation, has made a personal plea to Jenna. He says he feels she may be frightened and confused since she left home. He is asking her to send her family something, an object that belongs to her, to give them peace of mind.

In a direct appeal to the teenager he said: "Jenna, there may be a very good reason for not coming home and I appreciate this.

"So many people are missing you and need to know that you are safe.

"The contact that has been made has helped and raised your mother's hopes that you are safe and well. But the message to Josh was whispered and the other messages have not been very clear. We need to hear from you Jenna. Mum feels certain that it is you trying to make contact but we still need to satisfy ourselves that you are safe.

"If you are unable to speak to us directly then please send your mum something as a sign that you are safe and well.

"Please send something - an object, no matter how small - that will give peace of mind to your family and those who love you, and us have the reassurance we need." Anyone with information on Jenna should call the incident room on 01495 232260.