A COMMUNITY fireworks display in Newport is being cancelled for the second year running - because of trouble-making youngsters.

Pill police have organised an annual free firework event for the community, held on the basis that youngsters in the area behave in the run-up to Hallowe'en and Bonfire night. Last year some youngsters caused so many problems officers scrapped the event. And yesterday police announced there would be no bonfire this year either, because of anti-social behaviour.

PC John Spragg said: "It is very disappointing. It is only a small minority but they are spoiling it for others of the same age."

Problems in the run-up to Hallowe'en in the area have included the windscreen of a police car being smashed.

There have also been problems with eggs, flour and fireworks being thrown. This is despite an undertaking from shopkeepers not to sell these goods to youngsters. Traders across Britain have agreed to withdrawn air bombs and mini rockets from sale on November 6, at the request of the Department of Trade and Industry and the British Firework Association.

Newport was this year designated a firework "hot spot" by the DTI, because the city experienced so many problems last year.

But Gwent Police warn that withdrawing those fireworks from sale after Bonfire Night will make little difference to anti-social behaviour problems.

They say withdrawing them after Bonfire Night is pointless - because most incidents involving youths and fireworks happen before November 5.

PC Andy Harris, of Risca police, said: "It will make little or no difference to disorder problems from the use of fireworks.

"The vast majority of our problems of disorder and fireworks is in the weeks leading up to fireworks night, after that it drops off.

"Allowing them to be on sale in the lead-up is not doing anything to dissuade or prevent the use of fireworks."

South East Wales AM William Graham told the Argus he backed the move to withdraw the fireworks.

He said: "It is a genuine response to addressing the problem of those people who seek to gain a 'cheap thrill' by frightening the elderly, nervous and pets of our communities. "Newport has been recognised as one of the firework hotspots in the UK, where firework misuse and injury are most acute."