A CHEPSTOW business is rooting for public loos by displaying a comic parsnip which looks like crossed legs.

Many locals want public toilets installed at the bus station in the town - and one shopper found an appropriate parsnip to sum up their cause. It was donated to Brian's Hardware store, near Safeway.

The vegetable is now on display in the shop window along with a note calling for public toilets to be opened soon.

Beverley O'Brian, an assistant at the store said: "The vegetable was donated by a customer and has brought a bit of humour to this campaign. Those who are waiting for buses can see it in the window and a lot have commented on it."

The campaign to get toilets put in place at Albion Square has been brought to prominence by shop owners and the local Chepstow Methodist Church. They say they have to regularly disinfect their property because of people relieving themselves in the street.

The petition will be handed to a representative of Monmouthshire county council after April 5.