GWENT Police have confirmed that the pair of training shoes containing human remains found on the bank of the River Severn are not those of missing Manic Street Preachers star Richey Edwards.

And this exclusive picture of one of the trainers found at the weekend could help officers discover who it belonged to.

On Tuesday the Argus reported how police were checking missing persons files - including that of Blackwood-born Manics lyricist Richey Edwards, who went missing on February 1, 1995.

His car was later found at a service station near the Severn Bridge. But police now know the blue Diadora trainers, believed to be size seven or eight, were manufactured in 2001.

Inquiries into missing persons from the area are continuing and police have also contacted the Missing Persons Bureau in London.

Detective Sergeant Dave Edwards, who has been leading the inquiry, said: "We have recently spoken to Diadora, who have confirmed that the trainers were manufactured and distributed in 2001.

"This new information has obviously helped the inquiry enormously, and we have been able to rule out a number of reported missing persons, including Richey Edwards from the Manic Street Preachers.

"Diadora have confirmed that only ten outlets were supplied with this specific design of trainers.

"Officers are now looking at how many of these outlets are located in the Gwent area." The ongoing search effort will be boosted by dogs from the Search and Rescue Dog Association tomorrow morning, and they will try to find further traces of the body.

The search will concentrate on the area of the second Severn Crossing, where the feet where found.

The first trainer containing remains of a foot was discovered near Sudbrook village on Saturday evening by a fisherman on his way home.

After the police were contacted an officer searching the area found a second trainer, also containing a sock and bones of a foot.

The trainers and human remains have been sent to a pathologist for analysis and police are still waiting for the results.