A GWENT football club must pay out more than £200 to repair the latest damage done to its clubhouse by vandals.

Players and supporters of Caldicot Castle Football are horrified at the latest incident at their club, which comes despite them spending thousands of pounds on security measures following repeated attacks.

The club, which has 58 senior players, competes in the Gwent County League third division, and divisions one and two of the East Gwent league. More than 60 children between the ages of four and eight also participate in the East Gwent Under Eight league.

Last year crowd control barriers were installed around the pitch to satisfy the Gwent County League rules, but soon after vandals were seen damaging the fencing, pulling up the concrete foundations and scattering posts.

In the latest incident a steel roller shutter shielding the front patio doors was damaged by what is believed to have been a crowbar, a satellite dish ripped off the back wall and an attempt made to get in to the club- house through the front doors.

The damage was caused between 12.30pm on March 17 and 1pm on March 22. While there is anger at the latest attack on the clubhouse there is also bemusement as to why it should be a target.

Karen Sharratt, (pictured) of Castle Gardens, found the damage during her weekly visit to check over the clubhouse and to let a brewery delivery in.

She said: "Nothing is kept in the clubhouse except football kit. It's licensed premises but no money is kept there and the pumps are disconnected."

Mrs Sharratt, secretary of the club, added: "We have secured it all but they still attack the building. Last year we even had a safety post installed across one entrance so they cannot drive through."

A spokeswoman for Gwent Police, based in Caldicot, said the attack was being investigated. She appealed for anyone with information to contact the police on 01291 430999.