NEWPORT Rugby Club have decided not to pursue the WRU for an inquiry into the Ofisa Tonu'u racial abuse, writes Paul Tully.

Club benefactor Tony Brown and chairman David Watkins said today the matter was now officially closed following an internal inquiry.

"The matter has been settled between the clubs and after an internal inquiry we regard the matter as being satisfactorily concluded," said Brown

Watkins said an official statement was likely to be issued by the club next week. And while the WRU said they would still instigate an inquiry if called on by Tonu'u, they could not take action if the clubs and player had dealt with the matter to their own satisfaction.

Tonu'u was unavailable for comment today. Watkins said: "Newport do not want to gloss the matter over, but it was dealt with at the time, possibly in haste, and Bonymaen acted quickly.

"I know they only banned the offending player for two matches, but they were important games as they were in the First Division relegation zone and remain there. "They also agreed to write letters to the player and the club expressing their regret and disgust at what happened, and this they have done.

"I know many people would regard the Bonymaen player's punishment as light, but the matter has now gone on long enough and we felt we did not want to drag it on further. "What I would say is that the board of Newport Rugby do not in any way condone racial discrimination in any shape or form.

"Whether or not we made a harsh enough decision over this matter is, I know, open to criticism and we have to accept that."

The club initially said the matter was closed two days after Tonu'u had been the victim of abuse by Bonymaen prop Nigel Evans during the clubs' Principality Cup tie. But a week later, Brown ordered an inquiry as he felt Evans' punishment was not sufficient.

The club subsequently verbally asked the WRU to hold an inquiry, but did not follow it up in writing as rows over Welsh rugby's structure and a players' strike overtook events.