AFTER 38 years in the teaching profession, the head of Shirenewton County Primary School is retiring to become a part-time school inspector.

Peter Scammell, pictured, has been a head teacher for 22 years.

But the man who started his teaching career in Newport and who has seen six directors of education come and go said he has no regrets about retiring at the end of term, although it would entail a big change in his life.

He said: "There are interests that I've got that I might pursue. I like reading, listening to music and travelling.

"I have been going to school ever since I was four or five! I have enjoyed my job and I like working with children.

"However, on occasions poachers turn gamekeepers, and I intend to work as a school inspector."

Mr Scammell, 58, started teaching in Milton Junior School after leaving Cardiff University.

After five years at the Ringland school he went to Clytha Primary School for a further seven years before landing a deputy head teacher's post at Ringland Junior School.

Mr Scammell said: "I never had aspirations of being a head teacher. But I came to the age of about 35 and my head teacher said to me, was I going to be ambitious and look at promotion?

"I thought I was quite comfortable and happy working in the school, but he said: 'When you're 45 and a little whippersnapper of 32 comes along and is your head teacher, how are you going to feel about it then?'

"I said I didn't think I'd be too happy about that. He persuaded me then to go for a deputy headship."