USERS of a Newport community centre are drawing up an action plan to try to prevent yobs going on another wrecking spree.

During a summer playscheme vandals smashed windows, mirrors and doors and flooded toilets at the Mary Dunn Club, Jenkins Street, Newport, leaving local councillors disgusted.

Bosses have just finished clearing up the mess, which cost hundreds of pounds, and are desperately trying to come up with new ideas to prevent a recurrence.

The playscheme was abandoned when the problems surfaced. Play officer Amanda Hughes said: "There were problems with children too old to come into the playscheme and a few children were banned for vandalism and violent or threatening behaviour.

"We tried to get security firms to work to cover the building, hoping this would prevent those not allowed to enter to stay out but no companies were available.

"Unfortunately, we could not continue to put staff and smaller children at risk so made the decision to close the site."

Mrs Hughes said police were called out but no arrests are believed to have been made.

Councillor Allan Morris, who represents the area, said he was disgusted with the youngsters' behaviour.

"I don't understand how they can just turn up and make everybody's life intolerable," he said.

"It's absolutely disgusting that their actions caused a playscheme to close down."

Councillor Morris said meetings would be held to discuss ways of stopping a repeat performance at the club which is also used by pensioners.

"We will be taking action to prevent it happening again," he said. "We don't expect staff to be subjected to this. Action could include getting better security or handing out leaflets warning parents that we don't want their kids turning up and acting unruly.

"One of the main things we need is better parental support and control."