THE family of murdered Newport father-of-three Lemy Bullock are hoping to put their year of hell behind them.

As well as his murder in Harvey's bar in Pill on March 15 last year, they have had to cope with his stepfather George suffering from cancer, and the premature birth of Lemy's nephew.

Lemy's mother Gwenda said Mr Bullock, 67, had been in hospital over Christmas undergoing chemotherapy and an operation for stomach and oesophagus cancer.

Doctors think they have caught all the cancer and Mrs Bullock said her husband is now in remission.

Meanwhile, the family have also had to cope with Lemy's sister Jodie, 26, giving birth to son Nico Lemy three months early. She already has a nine-year-old son Bradley.

Nico Lemy was due to be born two days ago on Monday but actually arrived on December 17, weighing 2lb 5oz.

Mrs Bullock, 57, said: "He has kept us going and we have all had to be strong for each other.

"Lemy would think it's absolutely wonderful, he would have loved Nico Lemy to bits."

He has now grown to 6lb 6oz and is doing well, and the family, who have moved to Exeter, are looking forward to him being allowed home from the North Devon Hospital in Barnstaple on Friday.

They are undecided as to how they will spend the day. If Mr Bullock is well enough, the family may come back to Newport and visit the grave at St Woolos cemetery. Otherwise they will have a quiet day at home in Devon. But Mrs Bullock said the occasion would obviously be tinged with sadness, she would try to remember her son's happy nature and bubbly character.

"He was my darling boy and we have got to celebrate his life, not mourn his death," she said.

l Three men - Mohammed 'Mo' Nasser, 44, of Kirby Lane, Pill, Martyn Bruce, 38, of Courtybella Gardens, Pill, and Aaron Kent, 24 - are serving life for murder.