LIKE our readers, we are incensed at the Assembly’s badger cull.

We asked the Assembly’s chief vet to tell us why this barbaric act was necessary but we still fail to see the point.

Dr Christianne Glossop, said there had been evidence of a link between cattle, badger and Bovine TB since the discovery of an infected badger carcass in Gloucestershire in 1971.

She said a report following a cull in England carried out by the Independent Scientific Group from 1998 to 2005 showed a 23 percent decline in TB in cattle inside the cull area during the trial period and an additional 54 percent reduction in the two years after the trial.

She says that further research showed the rate of Bovine TB in the culling areas had continued to fall since the study was carried out.

We still don’t believe there is enough scientific evidence to justify a cull.

The Assembly has simply bowed to pressure from the farming lobby and we have not been convinced that this is anything other than short sightedness on its part.

Tests have proved that there is no substantial evidence that badgers contaminate cattle with Bovine TB. In fact it is thought just as likely that cattle contaminate badgers.

If there was overwhelming evidence that showed a cull was right then we may be forced to change our view.

But nothing suggests this is correct and we are sickened that these animals are being wiped out in an act of barbarism on what seems like a whim.