I want to start with something which isn't party political. I understand that many of you are fed up of all politicians, but not voting won't do anything to change things for the better, and your vote gives you the power to do this.

One of us will have the important job of representing you in Parliament in these difficult times, so please make sure that you have your say in which one of us it is. There couldn't be a more important time to act on what you believe in.

And now for the party political bit. This election is, in my opinion, different from any other we have had in recent years. No-one really knows what will happen, and second guessing people's reactions is a very unwise thing to do. The one thing that is certain to me is that many people are realising that we can do something very differently this time round.

And I would certainly agree that we need to.

I believe that the current Government has failed to deliver true fairness to Britain. The gap between rich and poor has got bigger.

Families suffer with the recession, but the bankers still get their bonuses and won't support the small businesses that need them. The economy has been based on bubbles that burst, rather than sustainable growth, and our political system is a shameful mess which no one has confidence in.

We desperately need change, but not just a change of Government.

In Matt Smith and the Liberal Democrats, you will get real change.

The Liberal Democrats will deliver jobs that are sustainable and plentiful, and spread across the nation, not over dependent on the City of London, a taxation system that is fairer on hard working families, which works with you, not against you, and a political system we can trust, where voting is worth something, and power is in the hands of the people, not hoarded by the Government.

In Matt Smith, you will have a refreshing young, energetic MP who is committed to fairness, will listen to your views and concerns, and never take you for granted. Elect me as your MP, and I will do absolutely everything I can, to first deliver the essential steps to a fairer society laid out to you above, and then to build on everything else we need to follow this in the future.