Monmouth MP David Davies is backing a petition urging the Government to reduce Severn Bridge tolls.

He is angry that users of the bridge pay the highest tolls in the country, with prices having just risen to £5.50 for cars and £16.40 for HGVs.

Mr Davies said: “With fuel duty also set to rise in April, it is clear that a rethink is urgently needed if we are to avoid unfairly penalising those who choose to do business in Wales.”

The campaign was started in frustration, following the Government’s announcement that a £6 million grant had been approved to help cover maintenance costs on the Humber bridge- this will ensure a toll freeze for at least 18 months.

Transport minister Sadiq Khan said he decided not to accept the Humber Bridge board’s proposal for toll increases because the Government is committed to helping communities and businesses recover from the economic downturn.

Mr Davies said he appreciated that tolls on the Severn Bridge are governed by the Severn Bridges Act 1992, but the recession does not discriminate by region.

“I have therefore written to the minister to ask him to look at giving the businesses and communities who use the Severn Bridge crossing the same commitment he gave recently to users of the Humber Bridge,” he added.

The petition can be found at