THIS cat used one of its nine lives after being found trapped on the hot engine of a car which had travelled 10 miles.

The pet, who suffered burns along its back, is believed to have crawled inside the Fiesta near Pontypool indoor market on Monday.

The car owner, from Llanelly Hill, had driven from her home to the market to go shopping.

As she drove home along the A4042, she heard crying.

When she got to Llanellen, 10 miles from Pontypool, she pulled over, realising the crying was coming from under her bonnet.

When she opened it, she found the cat next to the hot engine.

The cat was taken to Abbey Veterinary Centre in Abergavenny, where vets treated her with cream and clipped her singed fur.

Vet Sarah Davies said: “It would have been getting hotter the further the car travelled. Some of her fur was burnt and she’s got burns on her back, but it could have been a lot worse.”

The young adult female cat - around one year old - is light brown, tortoise shell colour and was named Abbey after the surgery.

Mrs Davies added: “Because she is such a loving cat, she is definitely owned, not a stray. But, she is getting bored here in a cage and we need to get her home.”

She urged the owner to come forward, otherwise they will have to find her another home.

If she belongs to you or you would like to be considered for adopting the animal call 01873 852391.