A MP has written to the governor of a Gwent prison for sex offenders asking him to confirm whether it will begin housing ordinary prisoners.

HMP Usk is currently a closed training prison for vulnerable prisoners – largely sex offenders – but Monmouth MP David Davies that he understands it may change to a training prison for category C prisoners.

He says category C prisoners are far less likely to be compliant than vulnerable prisoners, with nearby residents likely to be have to put up with noise and disruption.

He asked the governor to confirm or deny the information, which he said, came from a “very good source”.

When the Argus put Mr Davies’ concerns to the Prison Service, the department did not deny the allegations.

It said it is considering a number of options for the prison’s future.

According to the 2005 inspection report, Usk prison largely houses convicted sex offenders on treatment programmes.

“Category C prisoners are far less likely to be compliant and so residents living in the immediate vicinity will be subject to increased levels of noise,” he wrote to Usk prison governor David Ward.

He added those paying visitors would have to be put through security.

“I have seen how this is done in HMP Cardiff,” Mr Davies told the Argus. “It is usually a noisy and chaotic affair.”

“If this has any foundation I think it is disgusting such decisions are being made without any consultation with local elected representatives.”

Mr Davies added he was concerned at how family and friends would get to the prison, especially with no trains in Usk and infrequent buses from Newport.

A spokesman for the Prison Service said no decisions have been taken on HMP Usk but a number of options are at the early stages of consideration.

He added: “We will respond to Mr Davies’ letter in due course.”