A NEWPORT man had to rescue his dog after it fell 30 feet down an uncovered manhole.

Rory Macleod, 43, of Crawford Street, Glebelands, had to climb down, placing staffordshire bull terrier, Ruby, on his shoulder, carrying her out.

Two-year-old Ruby was in shock for two days after the incident, Mr Macleod said, and he called the uncovered manhole, on the Glebelands “an accident waiting to happen”.

The incident happened on Wednesday and he has been left furious that despite repeated calls, the hole still hasn’t been properly sealed.

Distribution centre worker Mr Macleod was out walking with wife, Julie, and staffordshire bull terriers, Martha and Ruby. He threw a stick near some bushes for the dogs to chase after, but only Martha returned to the couple.

“I backtracked and found an open hole in the ground,” said Mr Macleod. “I saw Ruby 30 feet down, looking up to me, whining.”

He said that luckily the hole contained pegs and he was able to climb down, placing the frightened dog on his shoulder.

His wife then helped pull him and Ruby out.

Mr Macleod said that after making a complaint, he received calls from council officials who inspected the hole. A resident on the Glebelands has now placed a plank of wood and bollard over the top of it.

He added: “It’s an absolute disgrace and an invitation for children to climb down there. If the water was running through there normally, Ruby could have been washed out into the River Usk.”

No one from Newport council was available for comment as the Argus went to Press.